HMAC Corporate Services, LLC


A Service Everyone Can Depend On

Herbert McIntye, Jr.

Who is HMAC?

People often wonder and ask what HMAC stands for?  HMAC is an acronym for Herbert McIntye Jr., founder and CEO of HMAC Corporate Services. 

Born in Palo Alto, CA and raised in the South Bay, Herb has become a young successful entrepreneur.   As he overcame many challenges growing up as a minority, he never stopped pursing his goal of one day owning his own business.

After serving in the U.S. Navy and completing his degree in Electronics Technology, he return home ready to pursue his dreams. 

While temporarily working in the office furniture industry, Herb grew a major interest in the office facilities management field,  a challenging and exciting venture for him.  After a few years in the field he worked his way up to management managing large-scaled projects in the Silicon Valley such as Santana Row. 

At the age of 27  Herb started HMAC Installations primarily offering office furniture services.   Today he represents  a company offering a wide range of services now known as HMAC Corporate Services.

Now a husband and a father he continues to expand and exceed customers expectations.