HMAC Corporate Services, LLC


A Service Everyone Can Depend On


HMAC now offers an excellent new service that a busy individual canít pass up.† Shopping!† Let us shop for you.†

With a busy schedule, it sometimes forces one to miss out on purchasing sale or seasonal items before running out of stock.

The way it works is very simple and only a telephone call away.† Simply provide us with the name of the local retailer, item description1 and item number to faster process your request.† We make the purchase2 of your choice, deliver3 it safely to your home† and assemble4 it at your request.††

1Customerís responsibility to place item on hold and/or check if in stock.

2 Purchase fees: 2% on cash/check, 4% on Visa, MasterCard, American† Express.

3 Delivery rates apply and vary do to number of† item(s) size, weight and radius.

4 Assembly rates: $30.00 hour per man (2 hour minimum).


ō Avoid long lines

ō Hassle free

ō Insure your item before it runs out of stock

ō Enjoy!